SEW Alternative Helical Geared Transmission Unit for Wholesale

  1. Characteristic

Space saving, reliable and durable, with high overload capacity and power up to 132KW;

Low energy consumption, superior performance, helical Transmission geared unit efficiency as high as more than 95%;

Low vibration, low noise, high energy saving;

Select high quality forged steel materials, steel cast iron box body, gear surface through high frequency heat treatment;

After precision processing, to ensure the shaft parallelism and bearing positioning requirements, the gear reducer forming the helical gear transmission assembly is equipped with various types of motors, which are combined into electromechanical integration, completely guaranteeing the product quality characteristics.

Helical Geared Transmission Gearbox
Helical Geared Transmission Gearbox


  1. Classification and Application

R series helical Transmission geared unit is characterized by small size, light weight, high bearing capacity, high efficiency, long service life.

S series helical worm geared unit adopts direct motor connection. The structure is one grade helical gear plus one grade worm gear transmission. The output is shafted with six basic mounting forms.

K series helical Transmission geared unit adopts direct motor connection. The output is shafted with six basic mounting forms.

F series parallel shaft reduction motor adopts the modular design principle of unit structure, which greatly reduces the type of parts and inventory,.


  1. Common Problem

Heat and oil spill

In order to improve efficiency, the helical Transmission geared unit is usually made of non-ferrous metal, and the gear is made of hard steel. As a sliding friction drive, more heat will be generated during operation, which makes the thermal expansion of each part and seal of the reducer different, thus forming a gap in each matching surface, and the lubricating oil will become dilute due to the rising temperature, which is easy to cause leakage.

Gear Abrasion

Generally occurs in vertical mounted helical Transmission geared unit, mainly with the amount of lubricating oil and oil varieties. When vertical installation, it is easy to cause insufficient lubricating oil. When the reducer stops running, the transmission gear oil between the motor and reducer is lost.

Helical Geared Transmission Gearbox
Helical Geared Transmission Gearbox
  1. Trouble Removal

You can purchase or make some special tools, and when disassembling and installing the helical Transmission geared unit parts, try to avoid hitting with hammer and other tools. When replacing gears and worm gears, try to choose original parts and replace them in pairs. When assembling the output shaft, pay attention to the tolerance coordination; The hollow shaft shall be protected with anti-stick agent or red lead oil to prevent rust and rust or with area scale and difficult to disassemble during maintenance.


helical Transmission geared unit generally use 220 # gear oil, the heavy load, frequent start and use environment poor reducer, can choose some lubricating oil additive, make the reducer gear oil when stop still adhere to the surface of gear, form a protective film, prevent the heavy load, low speed, high torque and direct contact between the metal when it is started. The additive contains sealing ring conditioner and anti-leakage agent, which can keep the sealing ring soft and elastic and effectively reduce oil leakage.


  1. Merit and Demerit

Good meshing performance, low vibration, low noise, stable transmission.

There's a lot of overlap. The load of each pair of gear teeth is reduced, and the load capacity of gear is relatively improved, and the service life is long.

Because of surface contact, the stressed area is large, the torque of transmission is large, often used in heavy machinery;

The minimum number of teeth of helical Transmission geared unit is less than that of straight gear, so helical gear is difficult to cut.

Bevel gear mechanism is more compact than straight gear, small size, light weight, high transmission accuracy.



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