Efficiency Design Cyclo Gear Motor for Belt Filter Press

The belt filter press is a high-efficiency dewatering device for forming a mud cake after the thickener is dehydrated.The equipment can automatically control operation, continuous production, stepless speed regulation, and is suitable for various sludges. It is suitable for sludge dewatering in various industries such as water supply and drainage, contracting, casting, leather, textile, chemical, food and so on. The vertical center drive mud scraper in the equipment is suitable for the central water inlet, the surrounding water outlet, the central and large mud diameter radial sedimentation tank, and is mainly used for the secondary sedimentation tank of the urban sewage treatment plant. mud.

Efficiency design cyclo gear motor
Efficiency design cyclo gear motor

Structure and working principle 

Driven by the XLD1 Cycloidal gear box, the sludge enters the dynamic (static) mixer through the transfer pump, and is mixed with the concentration of 0.05~0.1% of the cation (positive) ion flocculant solution and fully reacted, then the slag (mud) The tiny solid particles (or suspended solids) in the slurry are aggregated into a large floc-like mass, and under the action of gravity, free water permeates through the back of the filter to exude and separate, forming a non-flowing sludge to achieve press dewatering. The zone is subjected to the maximum pressure condition, and then clamped between the upper and lower mesh belts as the mesh belt moves, and the continuous increase of the slow pairing roller pressing force and shearing force is performed, passing through the wedge-shaped zone, the low-pressure zone, and the middle zone. The nip, high pressure zone and strong pinch clamping zone continuously squeeze the water in the slag (mud) slurry by stepwise pressurization, and finally form a filter cake with a lower moisture content, and scrape through the scraper plate. Separate, the upper and lower filter belts are separated, and the high-pressure washing water and the roller brush remove the trace particles in the pores of the surface of the filter screen, and continue to the next dehydration cycle.

Efficiency design cyclo gear motor
Efficiency design cyclo gear motor

Main feature    

1.The drive unit adopts a flange mounted helical reducer and a worm gear reducer to ensure the output torque and speed, and the transmission effect is high.;

This series of cycloid pin wheel gear motor adopts central drive, power splitting, and special load-carrying mechanism to make the load of the china speed reducer Gear box evenly distributed, and the hard-tooth reducer gear and welded box of carburizing and quenching technology, so the Non-standard Cycloidal Gearbox The utility model has the advantages of small size, light weight, high transmission efficiency, large carrying capacity, long service life, simple operation and maintenance, and low maintenance cost. Speed ratio range: 31.5-125 - Output stage center distance: 2x650-2x1400mm With this reducer, the input must be dedicated to good axial floating characteristics.

2.The reducer with flange arrangement is equipped with an over-torque protection device, which is safe and reliable.  

  1. The mechanical performance is stable and reliable, and it can realize continuous production operation for 24 hours, with large processing capacity and high output.
  2. The structure design is advanced and reasonable. The ultra-long gravity filter dewatering section adopts the vertical strong pressing roller or the pressing belt pressing, which has wide application range.
  3. The new double process flocculation, the dewatering effect is good, the moisture content of the filter cake is extremely low, and the subsequent disposal is convenient and economical.
  4. The whole machine has good corrosion resistance, convenient operation, and easy maintenance and maintenance.




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