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  1. Characteristic

Three-phase asynchronous electric motor (Triple - phase asynchronous motor) is a kind of induction motor, is to rely on access to 380 v three-phase alternating current at the same time (phase difference of 120 degrees) power of the motor, as a result of the three-phase asynchronous motor rotor and the stator rotating magnetic field in the same direction, different speed into a spin, slip, so that three-phase asynchronous motor. The rotor speed of three-phase asynchronous motor is lower than that of the rotating magnetic field. The rotor windings generate electromotive force and current due to the relative motion between the rotor windings and the magnetic field, and interact with the magnetic field to generate electromagnetic torque and realize energy conversion.


  1. Motor Function

The motor is represented by the letter G in the circuit. Its main role is to use mechanical energy into electrical energy, currently the most commonly used is to use thermal energy, water energy and other propulsion generator rotor to generate electricity, with the growing maturity of wind power generation technology, wind power also slowly into our lives.

Three-phase asynchronous Industrial motor
Three-phase asynchronous Industrial motor


YS series Three-phase asynchronous electric motor according to the national standard design and manufacture, with the merits of high efficiency, energy saving, low noise, little vibration, long service life, convenient maintenance, great starting torque, the class B insulation, enclosure protection class is IP44, cooling way for IC411, rated voltage of 380 v, rated frequency 50 hz, widely used in food machinery, fan all kinds of mechanical equipment, etc.


  1. Construction

Allow total pressure directly starting Three-phase asynchronous electric motor, such as the load torque is not big, also can adopt step-down starting way, step-down starting when the starting torque of the motor is roughly proportional to voltage square decline, if the rotational inertia of the mechanical load (J) values in a certain range, the motor allows the cold starting two consecutive times, hot continuous starting again.

Three-phase asynchronous Industrial motor
Three-phase asynchronous Industrial motor


  1. Parameters

Three-phase asynchronous electric motor model (Y4001-4), the power rating (400 kw), rated voltage (380 v), rated frequency (50 hz), synchronous speed (1500 r/min), installation (IMB3), protection grade (IP23), the cooling method (IC01), insulation class (B), environmental conditions (at an altitude of 1000 m or less, the environment temperature 40 ℃) or less.


  1. Related Issues

Q: What fault can cause the Three-phase asynchronous electric motor (electric ball) group to start the motor transmission gear to hit the tooth accident?

A: Battery power shortage battery temperature is too high; Start motor relay does not work; Starting motor transmission gear and flywheel gear ring can not mesh; Start the motor into the meshing diesel engine can not rotate or rotation weakness; Start motor does not turn; Startup failure; Diesel engine running and starting motor can not be separated.


Q: What is the main cause of AVR damage?

A: AVR circuit consists of rectification main circuit, voltage detection circuit and comparison control circuit. Excluding the possibility of damage caused by the quality of original electrical components, the working frequency of the main circuit and the comparison control circuit changes the most in the whole AVR circuit.



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