The development of speed reducer of electric motor is an integral part of industrial automation

1.Industrial automation is a general term for information processing and process control such as measurement, manipulation, etc., in accordance with the intended objectives, without the need for manual intervention by the machine or production process.The application of the speed reducer of electric motor will increase the efficiency.


2.The industrial revolution is a midwife of automation technology. It was because of the needs of the industrial revolution that automation technology broke through the egg shell and flourished. At the same time, automation technology has also promoted the progress of industry. Nowadays, automation technology has been widely used in machinery manufacturing, electric power, construction, transportation, information technology and other fields. These areas will use the speed reducer of electric motor and has become the main means to improve labor productivity.

Speed reducer of electric motor
Speed reducer of electric motor


3.Industrial automation technology is the use of control theory, instrumentation, computers and other information technology to achieve detection, control, optimization, scheduling, management and decision-making in industrial production processes,using speed reducer of electric motor to increase production, improve quality, reduce consumption, ensure safety, etc. Comprehensive high technology, including industrial automation software, hardware and systems.


4.As one of the most important technologies in the modern manufacturing field of the 20th century, industrial automation technology mainly solves the problems of production efficiency and consistency. Speed reducer of electric motor application increases productivity .Regardless of high-speed, high-volume manufacturing companies or the pursuit of flexible, flexible and customized businesses, they must rely on the application of automation technology.

Speed reducer of electric motor
Speed reducer of electric motor


5.The automation system itself does not directly create benefits, but it plays a significant role in improving the production process of the enterprise:

(1) Improve the safety of the production process;

(2) Improve production efficiency;

(3) Improve product quality;

(4) Reduce raw materials and energy consumption in the production process.


6.With the development of control technology, computer, communication, network and other technologies, the field of information interaction and communication is rapidly covering all levels from the field device level of the factory to the control and management. Industrial control machine system generally refers to the general term for automation technology tools (including automatic measuring instruments and control devices) for measuring and controlling industrial production processes and their speed reducer of electric motor equipment and process equipment.



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