How to assemble a NMRV50 Worm gear reducer, Reducer parameters and models

Worm gear reducer parts assembly:

  The main parts of the NMRV50 Worm gear reducer should be assembled into several parts or components separately for total assembly or on-site installation. The main components are:

  1. Brake calipers and rail bearing components. Including internal and external brake calipers, rail bearings, spindles, spindle sleeves, wear plates and other parts

2, the crank and the connecting rod components. It consists of inner and outer cranks, connecting rods, rollers, shafts and sleeves.

  1. the working cylinder components. Installed the pressure test cylinder should be equipped with a certain amount of oil inside the factory, and the inlet and oil ports are sealed and sealed.
  2. the total assembly sequence
  3. After the main track bed or sleeper board is placed, the parts of the reducer and the pre-assembled parts can be installed directly on the main track bed 
    NMRV50 Worm gear reducer
    NMRV50 Worm gear reducer


Total mitigation circuit for worm gear reducer:

  1. When the pressure of the accumulator in the power room drops to the lowest dangerous pressure or the oil level drops to the lowest dangerous oil level in the event of an accident, the safety valve must be closed to cut off the total oil circuit and alarm, so that the NMRV50 Worm gear reducer does not cause the brake position. When the vehicle is caught and the subsequent vehicle is hit, the controlled reducer should be alleviated before the safety valve is closed.
  2. In order to make the brakes work conveniently, the reducer total mitigation button is provided. When not working, the person can press the total mitigation button to relieve all the reducers.
    NMRV50 Worm gear reducer
    NMRV50 Worm gear reducer


RV series NMRV50 Worm gear reducer has been widely used in metallurgy, mining, transportation, water conservancy, chemical, food, beverage, textile, tobacco, packaging, environmental protection and many other industries and fields of mechanical equipment, and is highly praised by users. At present, modern industrial equipment realizes the choice of high speed ratio low noise and high stability mechanical reduction transmission control device.

   Indicates the light and alarm system:

  1. The brake and relief indicator light of the NMRV50 Worm gear reducer;
  2. The conversion button and the indicator lamp of the main motor, the auxiliary motor and the backup motor automatically convert the manual button and the indicator lamp;
  3. The oil level indicates the light;
  4. Fault or shutdown indicates the light;

5, disabled or normal (mainly refers to the hydraulic system) means the light;

  1. The highest and lowest dangerous pressures (safety pressure) and the minimum oil level should sound the bell alarm, and the bells are cancelled and restored to normal.


Technical Parameters:

     Power: 0.06KW ~ 7.5KW

     Torque: 2.6N·m to 2379N·m

     Transmission ratio: 7.5-100


Worm gear reducer model:

      RV25, RV30, RV40, RV50, RV63, RV75, RV90, RV110, RV130, RV150

      NRV25, NRV30, NRV40, NRV50, NRV63, NRV75, NRV90, NRV110, NRV130, NRV150

      NMRV25, NMRV30, NMRV40, NMRV50, NMRV63, NMRV75, NMRV90, NMRV110, NMRV130, NMRV150


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