The cycloidal speed reduction gearbox that we can supply and manufactures

.Dislocation on the input shaft is equipped with a 180°of the double eccentric sleeve of Cycloidal speed reduction gearbox , turn on the eccentric sleeve is equipped with two called arm of roller bearing, the formation of H, two cycloid gear center hole is the eccentric sleeve on the turning arm bearing raceway, and by a group of cycloid gear and pin gear mesh circular permutation needle, to form tooth difference, for the internal meshing gear reducer is institutions (in order to reduce friction, in small ratio of speed reducer, the needle with needle teeth on the gear set).


2.Cycloidal speed reduction gearbox can achieve a high deceleration ratio of 1:87 and a high-efficiency single-stage transmission of more than 90%. If the multi-stage transmission is adopted, the deceleration ratio is larger.


3.The speed reduction ratio of the first-stage transmission is 9~87 of Cycloidal speed reduction gearbox , the speed reduction ratio of the two-stage transmission is 121 ~ 5133, and the multistage combination can reach tens of thousands, and the gear meshing system sleeve rolling friction, the meshing surface has no relative sliding, so the first stage speed reduction efficiency is up to 94%.

Cycloidal speed reduction gearbox
Cycloidal speed reduction gearbox


  1. Cycloidal speed reduction gearbox compact size due to the planetary transmission principle, the input shaft output shaft is on the same axis line, so that its size as small as possible. Smooth running noise low cycloid needle tooth meshing number is more, the overlapping coefficient is big and has the mechanism of the balance of the machine parts, which makes the vibration and noise limited to the minimum extent.


  1. Reasonable design of Cycloidal speed reduction gearbox , convenient maintenance, easy disassembly and installation, minimum number of parts and simple lubrication, so that cycloidal pin gear reducer by the user's trust. Compared with other reducers of the same power, the weight volume is more than one third smaller. Because of planetary transmission, the input shaft and output shaft are on the same axis to obtain the smallest size possible.
    Cycloidal speed reduction gearbox
    Cycloidal speed reduction gearbox


  1. The number of teeth in contact at the same time during operation is large of Cycloidal speed reduction gearbox, the coincidence degree is large, the operation is stable, the overload ability is strong, the vibration and noise is low, the type of various specifications noise is small.

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