the definition and the action of the planetary reducer

For the servo planetary reducer, to know the definition and the action of the reducer, the reduction ratio, the transmission ratio, the torque calculation formula, the use factor, and the installation of the planetary reducer, etc. They Use play a vital role.


Explanation of terms such as planetary reducer noise, rated torque, hysteresis, working life, etc.


The servo planetary reducer consists of a sun gear train plus a set of aerodynamic sets of planetary gears (three in one set) that maintains a high degree of accuracy during high-speed operation and relative to its output torque, the servo planetary reducer The volume is very small, and the single section can be made 1/10. Through modular design, the speed ratio can reach 1000 or even 1000. However, due to the material precision and the meticulous processing method, the cost of the servo planetary reducer is much higher than that of the gear reducer.


Servo planetary reducer has high precision, high rigidity, high load, high efficiency, high speed ratio, high life, low inertia, low vibration, low noise, low temperature rise, beautiful appearance, light structure, easy installation and precise positioning Features, suitable for AC servo motor, DC servo motor, stepper motor, hydraulic motor speed increase and reduce drive, but also suitable for the connection of drive products manufactured by any manufacturer in the world. For example, Panasonic servo motor, Delta servo motor, Yaskawa servo motor, Fuji servo motor, Mitsubishi servo motor, Sanyo servo motor, Siemens servo motor, Schneider servo motor, and so on.


Servo planetary gear reducer application areas:

Servo planetary reducers can be directly mounted on AC and DC servo motors for a wide range of applications in precision machining, aerospace and space industries, semiconductor equipment, printing machinery, food packaging, automation, industrial robotics, medical inspection, precision test equipment and automation. High precision mechanical and electrical products industry.


Servo planetary reducer provides high cost performance, wide application, economical and practical, long life, etc. In the application of servo control, it exerts good servo rigidity effect, accurate positioning control, and has low and medium backlash on the running platform. High efficiency, high input speed, high input torque, smooth running, low noise, etc., the appearance and structure design is also very small.


It can be used for free replacement for life, and it can be repair-free and fully enclosed regardless of the installation. It has IP65 protection, so it can be used when the working environment is poor.



Servo planetary reducer performance:

  1. The planetary gear transmission interface uses a full needle roller bearing without a retainer, to increase the contact area to increase structural rigidity and output torque;
  2. Using 3D/PORE design analysis technology, the helical tooth surface is toothed and lead-trimmed separately to reduce the impact and noise of the gear pair and the gear, and increase the service life of the gear train;
  3. The gear material is made of high-grade chrome molybdenum-vanadium alloy steel. After quenching and tempering heat treatment to a substrate hardness of 30HRC, the hardness of the gear surface is nitrided to 840HV by using our advanced ion nitriding equipment to obtain the best wear resistance and impact toughness;
  4. The planetary boom and the output shaft adopt an integrated structure design, and the bearing arrangement of the output shaft adopts a large span to ensure maximum torsional rigidity and output load capacity;
  5. The oil seal contact interface at the output end is coated with advanced titanium nitride (TiN). The surface hardness is over 2000HV, and the surface roughness of the contact surface is less than Ra below 0.2um, which ensures the lowest friction coefficient and the lowest starting torque.
  6. NYOGEL792D synthetic grease is used, and the IP65 protection grade seal design is adopted. The lubricant is not leaked and maintenance-free;
  7. The input end and the motor are connected by a collet type locking mechanism and subjected to dynamic balance analysis to ensure the concentricity of the interface and the power transmission of the zero back gap at high input speed;
  8. The sun gear made of the whole gear bar has strong rigidity and accurate concentricity;
  9. Unique modular design of motor connection plates and bushings for any servo motor;
  10. The surface of the gearbox is treated with electroless nickel, and the motor connecting plate is treated with black anodizing to improve environmental resistance and corrosion resistance;
  11. The gearbox and inner ring gears are designed in one piece, with compact structure, high precision and high output torque.


Servo precision planetary reducer features:

  1. High rigidity, the gear adopts alloy steel nitriding hard tooth surface, which has superior wear resistance and impact resistance;
  2. The transmission torque is large, and the gear meshing uses multi-tooth meshing;
  3. High transmission efficiency (>=90%), large transmission power, high radial load capacity, and single-stage series transmission;
  4. Speed ratio range: speed ratio 4 ~ 10000, so that the application design to achieve the best torque and speed matching;
  5. The backlash gap is small and the transmission accuracy is high;
  6. The seal design is good, all greased, no leakage, no maintenance;
  7. Easy installation, coaxial output, standard flange positioning, suitable for any manufacturer and form of motor;
  8. Compact structure and small size, it is the smallest among the existing reducers of the same type;
  9. Low noise, < 68 decibels; long life, >20,000 hours;
  10. High cost performance, the same accuracy, the lowest market price
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