Gear reducers to install on the vertical

Vertical gear reducer refers to the vertical installation method, generally a flange fixed speed reducer. Some RF, KF, SF, FF series are mainly used in metallurgy, mining, petroleum, chemical, shipbuilding, light industry, food, textile, printing and dyeing, pharmaceutical, rubber, plastics, and lifting and transportation. The gear and gear shaft adopts the medium carbon alloy rigid hard tooth surface, which has the advantages of compact structure and high bearing capacity. It is another new product launched after the XL type and BL type cycloidal pin gear reducer.

 Vertical gear reducer

一: Vertical reducer overview:

  1. The vertical reducer is manufactured in accordance with international technical requirements and has a high scientific and technological content;
  2. Space saving, reliable and durable, with high overload capacity, power up to 132KW;
  3. Low energy consumption, superior performance, and the efficiency of the reducer is over 95%;
  4. Low vibration, low noise and high energy saving;
  5. Use high-quality forged steel material, steel cast iron box, the surface of the gear is subjected to high-frequency heat treatment;
  6. After precision machining to ensure the parallelism of the shaft and the requirements of the positioning bearing, the reducer that forms the helical gear transmission assembly is equipped with various types of motors, which are combined into mechatronics, which fully guarantees the quality characteristics of the geared motor products.


二: Vertical speed reduction model:

  1. R series gear reducer: RF37、RF47、RF57、RF67、RF77、RF87、RF97、RF107、RF137、RF147、RF167;
    K series gear reducer: KF37、KF47、KF57、KF67、KF77、KF87、KF97、KF107、KF127、KF157、KF167、KF187;
    3. S series gear reducer: SF37、SF47、SF57、SF67、SF77、SF87、SF97;
    4. F series gear reducer: FF37、FF47、FF57、FF67、FF77、FF87、FF97、FF107、FF127、FF157;
    5.RF series reducer example:
  2. RF57-Y1.5KW-4P-26.97-M1-I
  3. 1) RF57 stands for R series reducer vertical installation
  4. 2) Y1.5KW-4P stands for Y series three-phase 4-pole ordinary motor 5KW;
  5. 3) 26.97 represents the nominal transmission ratio of 26.97:1, the nominal transmission ratio and the actual transmission ratio limit deviation of +-3%;
  6. 4) M1 stands for installation form
  7. 5) I represents the junction box position;


 Vertical gear reducerVertical gear reducer

  1. The main reason for the oil leakage or oil leakage of the vertical reducer is four points.
  2. Whether the material mix is reasonable. Please see the function and analysis of the gear reducer components for details.
  3. The surface quality of the gear meshing friction surface: due to the sliding friction loss between the teeth, more heat is generated during the operation, which causes a difference in thermal expansion between the parts of the production reducer and the seal, thereby forming a gap in each mating surface. Lubricating oil is thinned due to the increase of temperature, which is easy to cause oil leakage;
  4. Is the choice of lubricant, the amount of addition is correct. When a certain amount is exceeded, you do not add it to the reference oil gauge;
  5. The vertical reducer is installed without the vent cap (venting hole), which is easy to cause oil leakage at the oil seal at the output shaft position;
  6. Because the customer chooses the low service factor or the model is small when selecting the gear reducer model, it is easy to cause the oil seal to leak due to the oil seal of the small horse-drawn carriage or the gear of the reducer.

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