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  1. Brief Description

The difference between a transmission gear reductor drive (Continuously VariableTransmission) and a Continuously VariableTransmission is that the Continuously VariableTransmission ratio is not a continuous point, but a continuous series of values, for example, Continuously changing from 3.455 to 0.85.

transmission gear reductor drive
transmission gear reductor drive


Transmission gear reductor drive structure than the traditional transmission is simple, smaller size, it neither manual transmission of many gear pairs, nor automatic transmission complex planetary gear set, it is mainly by the main, driven wheel and metal to achieve stepless change in speed ratio.


  1. Classification type description

The principle is the same as the ordinary Transmission gear reductor drive size of several sets of gears under the control of the opening and closing, forming different speed ratio, like a bicycle pedal by the size of the wheel wheel and chain drive wheel rotation at different speeds. Due to the different strength of each group of gears to produce different thrust size, resulting in the gearbox output speed also changes accordingly, so as to achieve all grades of slow rotation.

transmission gear reductor drive
transmission gear reductor drive


  1. Characteristic

Transmission gear reductor drive adopts ratchet wheel with belt and variable groove width for power transmission, that is, when the ratchet wheel changes the groove width, change the contact radius of the driving wheel and the belt from the driving wheel to change speed correspondingly. The belt is generally made of rubber belt, metal belt and metal chain. CVT is truly classless. It has the advantages of light weight, small size, fewer parts, higher operation efficiency and lower fuel consumption compared with AT.


But the disadvantages of transmission gear reductor drive are also obvious, that is, the transmission belt is easy to damage, can not withstand a large load, can only be limited to 1 liter displacement about low power and low torque car, so in the automatic transmission share of about 4%. In recent years after the major automotive companies to study, the situation has improved. CVT will be the development direction of automatic transmission.


  1. Usable Range

Variable speed range: variable speed ratio is 1:5, that is, the output speed can be 1:1.45 to 1:7.25 between any change. High speed regulation accuracy: speed regulation accuracy is 1--0.5 turns.

Stable performance: all the transmission parts of the machine have undergone special heat treatment, precision machining parts of friction, good lubrication, smooth operation, low noise, long life.Coaxial structure: input shaft and output shaft rotate in the same direction, small volume and light weight.


Strong combination ability: the transmission gear reductor drive can be combined with various types of reducer to achieve the speed changing effect of low speed and large torque gauge.Under the allowable load, the speed set is constant;Fully sealed, suitable for humid, dusty, slightly corrosive working environment.



  1. Lubricating

Special traction oil for MB series transmission gear reductor drive changers. The oil level shall not be lower than the center line of the oil standard. The first phase shall be replaced after 500 hours, the second phase shall be replaced after 1000 hours, and the second phase shall be replaced after 2000 hours. The replacement period shall be shortened under adverse working conditions. 2. Choose molybdenum disulfide grease or lithium base grease for lubrication of MB series CVT and cycloidal gear reducer below X3.




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