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A planetary gear transmission of planetary gearbox manufacturers is a gear box which is composed of a planetary ring gear, a sun gear, a planetary gear (also called a satellite wheel) and a gear wheel axle. The input shaft can be realized according to the motion relationship between the ring gear, the sun gear and the planetary gear. It is separated from the output shaft by a rigid transmission relationship, the input shaft and the output shaft are in the same direction or the reverse direction, and the input and output shaft ratios are changed, and are widely used in land, marine, aviation and other transportation tools.

planetary gearbox manufacturers
planetary gearbox manufacturers

Thus, the planetary gear mechanism of planetary gearbox manufacturers has three moving parts that are rotatable relative to each other: the sun gear, the planet carrier and the ring gear. It can achieve four different combinations of gears:

1 The low-profile sun gear is active, the planet carrier is passive, and the ring gear does not move.

2 The middle sun gear does not move, the planet carrier is passive, and the ring gear is active.

3 The high gear (overspeed gear) the sun gear does not move, the planet carrier is active, the ring gear is passive.

4 The reverse sun gear actives, the planet carrier does not move, the ring gear is passive.

When all moving parts are unconstrained, the transmission is in neutral.

Planetary gear transmissions usually consist of two to three sets of planetary gear mechanisms, and a multi-plate clutch controls the combination of the above-mentioned moving parts to achieve different gear positions.

planetary gearbox manufacturers
planetary gearbox manufacturers


(1) Change the transmission ratio to meet the needs of different driving conditions for traction, so that the engine of planetary gearbox manufacturers works as much as possible under favorable working conditions to meet the possible driving speed requirements. Change the speed of the car and the amount of torque on the car's drive wheels over a wide range. Due to different driving conditions of the car, the driving speed and driving torque of the vehicle can be varied within a wide range. For example, on a highway, the speed should be 100km/h, while in urban areas, the speed is usually around 50km/h. When the empty car is driving on a straight road, the driving resistance is small. When the load is uphill, the driving resistance is large. The characteristic of the automobile engine is that the range of the speed change is small, and the range of the torque variation cannot meet the actual road condition.

(2) Realize the reverse driving to meet the needs of the car to reverse driving. To achieve reverse driving, the engine crankshaft can only be rotated in one direction, and the car sometimes needs to be able to drive backwards. Therefore, the reverse gear set in the gearbox of planetary gearbox manufacturers is often used to realize the reverse driving of the car.

(3) The power transmission of planetary gearbox manufacturers is interrupted, and the power transmission to the drive wheels is interrupted when the engine is started, the idle speed is running, the vehicle is shifting, or the vehicle needs to be stopped for power output.

(4) Neutral gear is achieved, and the gearbox may not output power when the clutch is engaged. For example, it can be ensured that the driver releases the clutch pedal to leave the driver's seat when the engine is not extinguished.


The mechanical gearbox of planetary gearbox manufacturers mainly uses the principle of gear reduction. To put it simply, there are multiple sets of gear pairs in the gearbox, and the shifting behavior when the car is running, that is, the different gear pairs in the gearbox are operated by the operating mechanism. For example, at low speeds, let the gear ratio work with a larger gear pair, and at high speeds, let the gear ratio work with a smaller gear pair.




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