Introduction, installation and maintenance of ZQ series two-stage cylindrical gear drive

  1. Product introduction

The ZQ series reducer is a cylindrical gear reducer and a two-stage cylindrical gear drive. Widely used in lifting machinery, mining machinery and general chemical industry, its working temperature is -40C ° ~ +45C °, the input speed is not higher than 1500 rev / min, the gear drive peripheral speed must not exceed 14 m / s, It can be operated in both forward and reverse directions.


  1. Installation, use and maintenance
  2. The gear is lubricated by closed transmission oil pool. The oil level of the lubricating oil is indicated by the circular oil mark on the machine base. When the speed reducer is in the stop running state, the oil level is within the range indicated by the oil mark.
  3. Lubricating oil is generally made of HJ40-50 mechanical oil. It is also possible to use HL20-30 gear oil.
  4. At the beginning of the operation of the reducer, special attention should be paid to the cleaning of the oil. If the oil is dirty (especially the mixing of metal foam), the oil should be changed immediately. When the oil is changed, the dirt in the body should be removed. The quality of the oil must be checked regularly (not less than once every six months).
  5. The state of the meshing work surface should be checked regularly, especially when the tooth surface is scratched at the initial stage of work. If the area occupied by the scratch is not more than 20% of the tooth working surface (along the tooth length and the tooth height), it is allowed. The stone or scraper is slightly trimmed.
  6. If you need to open the cover for repair, pay attention to whether the cover is coated with sealant. If there is sealant, use the screw hole on the cover to open with the screw. Do not hammer the close surface. Check the tightness after inspection. There is no bump on the surface and the cover, and the sealant is cleaned without any damage.
    two-stage cylindrical gear drive
    two-stage cylindrical gear drive


  1. ZQ type two-stage cylindrical gear drive is mainly used in lifting, mining, general chemical, textile, light industry and other industries. The applicable conditions are as follows:
  2. The peripheral speed of the gear reducer of the reducer is not more than 10 m / s;
  3. The speed of the high speed shaft of the reducer is not more than 1500 rpm;
  4. The reducer is used for both forward and reverse operation;

       4, the working environment temperature of the reducer is -40 ° C to +40 ° C

  1. The speed reducer has nine transmission ratios, nine configuration types and three low speed shaft end types;
  2. The transmission ratios of such reducers are: 48.57, 40.17, 31.5, 23.34, 20.49, 15.75, 12.64, 10.35, 8.23.


  1. Type of ZQ reducer

ZQ type two-stage cylindrical gear drive has two-stage transmission, there are nine types of assembly type, the input shaft is conical, and the output shaft end is cylindrical (Z type), gear type (CA type, C type) one level Euclidean (cross slide) ) Coupling (F type).

two-stage cylindrical gear drive
two-stage cylindrical gear drive


  1. The difference between ZQ and ZQ(H) cylindrical gear reducer

The ZQ type is an involute two-stage cylindrical gear drive, and the ZQ (H) type is a cylindrical gear reducer, which is formed on the basis of the ZQ type involute cylindrical gear reducer series. Time proves that the arc gear has longer life, higher capacity, higher strength and less tooth surface wear than the involute gear of the same specification.

These two types of reducers are mainly used for lifting machinery, and can also be used in mining machinery, chemical, light industry and other general equipment. The adaptation conditions are: high speed shaft speed is not more than 1500r/min; working environment temperature is -40 to +45 degrees. It is suitable for forward and reverse two-way operation.


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