Vertical Shaft Cyclo Gearbox With Motor for Central Drive Scraper

working principle:

Through the drive of B/X flange mounhted cycloid speed reducer and the suspended components, the sludge is scraped by the scraper into the central mud collecting tank, and relies on hydrostatic pressure or pump discharge outside the tank. The use of intermediate water and mud discharge, drainage around, to ensure uniform water flow. Self-priming mud discharge with liquid level difference, scum scraping and removing device and overload protection device.


  1. The scraping board adopts the logarithmic spiral curve form, and adopts the rubber wheel support to walk along the bottom of the pool. The scraping effect is good, the requirements on the bottom of the pool are lower, and the adaptability is good;
  2. In addition to the main scraping device, a unique auxiliary scraping device is installed to enable the half-bridge scraper to function as a full-bridge scraper;
  3. The working bridge with vertical shaft cyclo gearbox with motor adopts truss structure, and the steel grating is laid on the bridge deck, which has high strength, light weight and energy consumption;
  4. The driving wheel is a solid rubber wheel, no track is required, the structure is simple, and the installation is convenient;
  5. The underwater parts are made of stainless steel. The water parts are made of carbon steel and hot dip galvanized. It has good corrosion resistance and long service life.
    vertical shaft cyclo gearbox with motor
    vertical shaft cyclo gearbox with motor

The main structure:

The center drive scraper mainly consists of professional design cycloidal reducers and 415V 50HZ three phase motor, main shaft, railing, steel beam, vertical grid, support, scraper, overflow raft, tie rod, small scraper, underwater bearing, steady flow tube, electric control box And other component groups.

Application field:

The center drive scraper with Cyclo Drive motor manufacturers can be widely used in sewage treatment projects in urban, chemical, textile, metallurgical and other industries. The utility model has the advantages of reasonable structure, high efficiency and convenient operation and maintenance, and is an ideal sewage treatment engineering supporting facility.

Main performance:

(1) The bottom of the pool is scraped, and the driving device is driven by a Cycloidal pinwheel gearing arrangement, which has compact structure and high mechanical efficiency;

(2) Skewed scraper, good continuity and high efficiency of collecting mud; scraper rubber plate is installed under the stainless steel scraper to ensure that the scraping mud is completely clean and there will be no floating mud.

vertical shaft cyclo gearbox with motor
vertical shaft cyclo gearbox with motor

(3) The ratio of the bottom slope of the pool is 1:10, and the sludge resistance is negligible when scraping mud.

(4) The main beam is made of square steel and has strong structural strength. It is sprayed with hot-dip galvanizing and has strong anti-corrosion performance. The main beam can also be directly poured into concrete, making investment more economical.

(5) Simple operation, remote control is possible.



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